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  1. kingdomperformance answered: He’s solid. They really have nothing else going for them.
  2. hai-wil answered: its too early
  3. b-asketballography answered: Not a smart choice. Matt Barnes or Metta World Peace should be starting instead.
  4. imkingoftheforest answered: awesome
  5. deathsocks answered: Consider the following factors.
  6. andiwisito answered: i dunno
  7. maccinglife answered: It’s A Good Look 4 Him
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  9. supremewizard answered: Bad move ,
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  11. iclakergang24 answered: i dont think it good enough for him to start we need to pick up some one off the free agent market
  12. lawrenzk answered: LOL
  13. street-dreamer answered: terrible
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  15. the-influential answered: Smart. I don’t even know who else they have on the bench. I liked him at West Virginia.
  16. swankjezus answered: Nah, not yet.
  17. thecoolest-nerd answered: pretty sad they didn’t address their two weakest positions the PG and SF this offseason.
  18. straightupballer answered: He’s underrated.
  19. luieeelivingthedream answered: Better than no one
  20. arishkingdom answered: He’s a lil rusty
  21. richbitchmello answered: GOOD IDEA
  22. nikkobust-it-outt answered: ew .
  23. transfatt answered: hilarious.
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