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    I wish I could see Ricky Rubio play in the NBA
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  5. idontgiveaflocka answered: Rubio
  6. sheenasherrieyo answered: Irvingg !
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  8. onthecut answered: Rubio!
  9. lordrobinson answered: irving
  10. bizzybogzmian answered: Irving !
  11. shhhhweta answered: Irving
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  13. lucsribeiro answered: Irving
  14. degreatdewayne answered: Irving
  15. welcometomyhood19 answered: Irving
  16. cassandraphelps answered: Irving!
  17. amaaashaaa answered: Irving
  18. toomuchforyall answered: Irving
  19. game-action answered: Concerteza Kyrie Irving !
  20. jdolphins305 answered: irving
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  23. theatmospheric answered: I would say Irving. Rubio’s stats in Spain were going the wrong direction.
  24. yprakasita answered: rubio!
  25. darealja answered: Irving
  26. toasterw00t answered: From watching both I think Rubio is a much better player, but as he’s used to be the Star of his league, I’m notSureIfHe’llPlayAsGoodInTheNBA
  27. untitled-page answered: Darko
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  29. kinghenryxvi answered: Rubio
  30. lgworkthisout answered: Irving, no doubt
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  32. velascojoben answered: When it comes to scoring, Irving. Passing, Rubio.
  33. iganabonjr answered: rubio
  34. trooydizon answered: I think Kyrie Irving will become a better player because he has a good veteran PG by the name of Baron Davis to help him on his game.
  35. dowhatyouhaveto answered: Of Course Ricky Rubio
  36. commanderkeeen answered: Irving because he was born in Australia hehehe
  37. kenbooty answered: Rubio is going to be the next Dirk! Irving is just another PG waiting in line to be a superstar
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  39. delva-visions answered: Kyrie
  40. bryce023 answered: irving
  41. papasmurf22 answered: rubio
  42. piedsfroids answered: Kyrieeeeee
  43. tooshifty answered: Rubioooo
  44. maverickordie answered: me
  45. johnpaolojacob answered: Irving! Its just too much hype for Rubio. He’s not that good actually
  46. jalm0sara answered: irving all day